Masala Cruise Review

With my love for for Indian culture and cuisine, I was very excited to go on a Masala Cruise. Finding very little information on the Internet regarding Masala Cruises, I decided that I absolutely must take note of all the details of my cruise and write a Masala Cruise Review. If you have been on a Masala Cruise, definitely feel free to chime in and leave a comment below!

Masala Cruise Food:

I went on a 3 night Masala Cruise to the Bahamas.  Lets start with the food on the cruise ship – it was fabulous, much better food than on a normal cruise.  The Indian cuisine was authentic, some spicy foods, some less spicy foods, and a good variety of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Masala Cruise Activities:

As far as the activities on the Masala Cruise, they were fabulous.  It was great to be with out Indian people on a cruise, especially people who loved Bollywood and Desi style entertainment.  If you love Dandia, Garba or Bhangra, you will have lots of fun.  Most of the people on the cruise were Desis!  The entertainment, dancers, musicians, and comedians  were very talented.

Masala Cruise Locations:

Masala Cruises go to many locations including Alaska from Vancouver, Hawaii from Honolulu, Mexico / Cozumel and Progresso from Houston and the Bahamas from Miami.  The length of the cruise goes from 3 days to a week.  You can even organize a convention or wedding on a Masala Cruise, like someone did on the cruise I went on!  I think that all Masala Cruises are on the Carnival cruise line, the Norwegian cruise line or the Royal Caribbean cruise line.  From my personal experience, I would pick a Royal Caribbean cruise over a Carnival cruise.  I have not yet gone on a Norwegian cruise, so if you have, please leave a comment below and let everyone know how it compared to your experience with other cruise lines such as Royal Caribbean or Carnival.  Apparently there is a Dhamaal Vacation with a Laughter Challenge with the famous comedian Sunil Thakkar.  I am very tempted and might just have to go on another Masala Cruise soon!  Overall, my experience was amazing and I would highly recommend going on any of their cruises.

UPDATE: One of my friends recently went on one of the Maharaja cruises and had a horrible experience.  She said the food was very bad and basically like eating frozen Indian food or tv dinners.  She went on a Carnival cruise, so maybe these are just worse.  If you do decide to go on one of their cruises, definitely stick to Royal Caribbean cruises instead – the activities and entertainment are definitely better.

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